google sites

This website is hosted on google sites, which allows for users with the basic public account to host a free website. The website editor is basic and easy to use, but allows for few customizations; for some that might be enough.  The website I currently have published there is more of an example, and only has the "Bones" of the website. I have not added any "meat" to it. Additionally, the website is a "single-page" site, but can have as many webpages in it as necessary.

With Google Sites, there will be a giant Google Tag on the footer of your site stating "Made with the new Google Sites, an effortless way to create beautiful sites," but some people don't mind that. Additionally, the URL to the site will include "" like this one here that links to my site:  To have a custom URL with no adds, you must must upgrade with G Suite.

Other limitations will be that you must create your website with their templates and their editor, and so customizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts is almost impossible.  Some people might like this as it is similar to editor, which is supposed to be user friendly to beginners.  Unbelievably, there's no total limit to the number of sites you can create, except that your rate cannot be more than: 5 per week, which is 260 per year.  With Google Apps account, you can create sites at an unlimited rate.